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For answers to frequently asked questions about our training courses, explore the Training category.

How do I purchase training?

Go to our Courses Page.

How do I login to training?

Go to the Training login button in the upper right hand corner of the page and enter in your email and password.

What if I don’t remember my password?

You can enter your email and then click on “Lost your password”.

What if I am having problems logging in to my training?
  1. You can rest your password by clicking on “Lost your password”
  2. You can contact one of our team members at 830-201-1880
  3. You can email us at hello@vanreincompliance.com and a team member will assist you
How can I talk to someone about compliance services?
  1. Call us at 830-201-1180
  2. Email us at hello@vanreincompliance.com
  3. Fill Out our contact us form.
Why am I not receiving welcome emails or password reset emails?
  1. Please check your spam or junk folder
  2. Please check that you have whitelisted our domain vanreincompliance.com with your email provider so the emails do not get rejected